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Related article: Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 11:46:00 -0700 From: Xavier Subject: Afraid of Thunder #2Afraid of Thunder #2 by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his minor son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the Authors section under XavierL (toward the bottom of the list).Please feel free to email me with comments or if you'd like to be notified when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at Nate had a friend over while I got dinner ready. It was torture having him so near me and not being able to act on any of my urges. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the image of his naked body out of my mind, the image of his blonde head rising and falling over my cock, or the look of combined discomfort and intense pleasure as my dick moved inside of his tight little ass. I was grateful it was a school night so that Nate wouldn't be asking if his friend could stay over. Yeah, selfish, I know, but now that my fire had been kindled, it was way too early to be able to extinguish it easily.We had dinner and then my son and his friend played some video games until it was time for him to go home. I sent Nathan off to get cleaned up and changed for bed. Meanwhile I moved to the recliner and turned the TV on. After a while, Nathan came padding into the living room wearing his navy blue bathrobe. I had never noticed how much that color set his eyes off before. As was our custom, he climbed up into my lap and leaned against me while he focused on the TV show. It was a comedy, and his laugh that seemed to begin deep down in his belly was a special music to me.I rested my hand on his thigh as we snuggled in the chair. Through the terry cloth I could feel his firm thigh, and I yearned to touch his soft skin. I slightly parted the robe and rested my hand on his bared leg. He had a super thin coat of peach fuzz on his legs, and I began languidly stroking the thigh. I could feel my heartbeat increasing as I felt drawn higher up his leg. Wordlessly I slid my hand slowly up his leg. As I got nearer to his groin, he bent the leg at the knee and spread it wider.Taking this as an invitation, I completed the distance until my hand was pressed over the outline of his cock in his briefs. He made no move to stop me or move away, so I began rubbing it lightly. I could feel it responding to my touch. I moved my hand away and then slipped it back into the robe by his chest and began feeling the soft skin there. I gently teased his nipples and heard him suck in his breath. I moved my hand down his chest to his flat stomach and lightly stroked him there as well. Then I returned my hand to his crotch and parted the robe more so I could see the tent in his underwear. I slowly traced its outline through the white fabric. His body went slightly rigid as I began stimulating his hard dick."Do you want Daddy to play with your dick. . . er pee pee?"He nodded his head yes in response."Then show it to me," I said. I watched as his hands sank beneath the folds of his robe and pushed his briefs down exposing his cock and nuts. I slid my finger along his tight nut sack and lightly massaged his balls. I then put my hand inside his briefs and pushed them down further. He moved his legs as if he was trying to spread them wider, so I took them completely off of him. I moistened my fingers with my tongue and then went back to stroking my son's cock. As I pleasured him, I started kissing his face softly and then planted my lips on his, my tongue darting past his lips to kiss him deeply. I felt his hand rubbing against the lump in my sweatpants created by my own hard rod. I whispered in his ear: "You can play with my dick if you want."I felt his hands move up Preteen Non Nude to the waistband and then slide down to the front of my boxers. His little fingers moved inside the fly and found my hard cock. He began stroking my cock as I stroked his. I wanted him so badly. "Let's move to the couch," I offered. I helped him back to the floor and walked behind him to the couch. He stood there not sure of what to do next. "Have a seat," I said.He sat down, his back against the cushions. I spread his legs and then knelt down between them, running my hands along his silky thighs until I was at the waist of the robe. I removed from them from his body and began undoing his robe, "I want to see your beautiful body." I undid the belt and then pushed the fabric of the robe away until his body was exposed. I ran my hand up his bare tummy and chest. I leaned in and began sucking on his nipples while he moaned softly. And then I moved my lips to the real prize and took his cock into my mouth. When I began sucking his dick, he placed his hands on my head, and I began sucking him faster. As he got into it more, I could feel his hips moving beneath my hands. I slid my hands under his ass, gripped his cheeks and guided him to pump my mouth. His bucking became wild, and shortly after I tasted his slightly salty fluid enter my mouth. I hoped it was cum and not piss. Judging by the small volume, I figured it was whatever a 10-year-old's version of cum might be.I sucked on him gently for a little longer, making sure to also suck on his balls, and then went back to kissing him passionately. After we kissed, I announced it was time to go to bed. I picked up his partially clad body and carried him to my Preteen Non Nude bed, gently setting him down into a seated position. He brushed off the Preteen Non Nude robe from his shoulders and said: "Kiss!" I smiled and leaned down and kissed him some more. My kissing became more intense as I felt his hands undoing the string holding my sweatpants up. Once untied, he pulled them down briskly followed by my boxers. I felt his face breaking our contact, and so I stood back up, my cock twitching in anticipation as his hands circled around my hips to my ass, and I saw his straw-colored hair moving toward my crotch.My knees shook slightly as my cock slipped past his bright red lips and entered his hot mouth. I ran my hands along my abs and then up to my nipples as my boy serviced me, his lips pressed tightly around my firm flesh as his mouth rode back and forth on my cock. "Oh Nate! Yeah, suck Daddy's cock!" I said earnestly, placing my hand firmly on the back of his head. "Take the whole thing Sweetie!" I began fucking his throat. He occasionally made gagging sounds as my cock slid deeper or more forcefully into his orifice. "Oh yes baby!" I cried as he picked up rhythm in response to my urgency. He made sounds I can only describe as hungry noises, and that did it. I blew my wad so forcefully I was almost afraid I'd hurt him! Again he gagged as my enormous load flooded into his throat, but he fought past that and swallowed it. I could tell that some of it had escaped his mouth, but he took the majority of it.When I finally pulled my cock out of his mouth, he wiped his mouth with the back of his arm. "You're so incredible Nathan!" I gushed."Was that good?""'Was that GOOD'? Son that was better than ever!" I said appraisingly. "You can do that whenever you want! You don't even have to ask. As long as we're in private." He smiled at that. "Now, move over so I can get in."He scooted to what was, for now, his side of the bed, and I crawled to join him. He immediately began cuddling me, one of his legs draped over mine, as I set the alarm clock and turned off the light. "I love you Daddy," he said softly."I love you too, son. VERY much!" I held him close to me as we fell asleep.The day began rudely by the sound of the alarm clock. Nathan and I showered together again, and then I sent him off to his room, his naked cheeks filling me with longing as he left to get dressed. I joined him in the dining room as he was finishing his cereal. I grabbed a bowl and sat down to eat as well. After he was done, he took his bowl to the sink and came over to give me a hug. I wrapped my arm around his butt and hips as I returned his hug. As I moved my arm away, my hand lingered on the jeans covering my backside. "You have such a hot butt son," I praised him. My cock began to stiffen. "I want to be inside of you so badly, honey. Can I make love to you again?"I looked up at him, his sapphire eyes reflecting the morning sunshine filtering through the windows. "Please? I want to be so close to you.""OK Daddy."I had a huge grin as I instructed him to go stand by the couch. I grabbed the small tube of K-Y I kept in the recliner's pocket for late night JO sessions and knelt down in front of him. I quickly undid his belt and jeans and pulled them down. He was sprouting wood, and so I took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him, I began fingering his tight hole. I took my mouth off of him and told him how good he felt. "Kneel down and bend over the couch Nate," I instructed. He did as he was told. I moved in behind him and pushed up his green T-shirt and started kissing his back. I then lightly kissed his ass cheeks and then pulled them apart exposing his puckered hole. I ran my tongue along the crack of his ass. He moaned loudly at this, and so I began tonguing his hole Preteen Non Nude as well."OHHHHH!" he moaned, and then I focused on sucking on his balls.Desperately horny, I undid my belt and pants, and shoved them and my underwear down. I grabbed the tube of K-Y and squirted a little onto his hole and then a bunch onto my cock and spread it with my hand. When I was good and lubed, I moved my cock to his ass and began feeding him it. It took a while before I could finally bury my rod completely into his ass, but when it finally sunk all the way in, I was filled with an indescribable fire. I began fucking him slowly while his muscles relaxed around my cock, and then I began pounding his ass as soon as I could, eliciting grunts from him as my cock repeatedly slid all the way back in. I didn't want the incredible sensations to end, but I was so horny it took almost no time for me to explode in his ass.As I recovered from my orgasm, I began stroking his cock, my dick still implanted in his hole. He too went quickly, and I felt a small amount of sticky goo in my hand. I looked at it, and it was like a mostly clear gel. My son had definitely cum. I showed it to him proudly."What is that?" he asked with crinkled nose."That's your cum.""How come it doesn't look like yours?""It will when you're older." With that I pulled out of him and handed him a tissue to wipe himself with, taking my own advice with another one. When he turned around to sit on the couch, I embraced him and then kissed him passionately once again. "I sure love you." He returned my embrace, and then we did the unfortunately necessary task of putting our clothes back on, grabbing our stuff and heading out the door. There will be a part 3.
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